Roland Fantom G 7

128-voice workstations with 76 keys
Seamless integration of audio and MIDI with world-class new ROM waveforms and realtime timestretch sampling
128MB waveform memory with high-quality sounds incl. A sampled in single keys 88er pianos
32MB internal sample RAM expandable to 544MB with optional DIMMs
New color LCD screen - for the first time in a workstation keyboard!
Innovative features like Skip Back Sampling, Dynamic Pad Bank and V-LINK *
3 MFX processors plus separate reverb, chorus and mastering effects
USB port for MIDI and .WAV / AIFF data exchange
4 SRX expansion slots
PC Card Slot for sample and data backups up to 1GB capacity
4 line outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono), stereo line input and 24-bit S / PDIF inputs / outputs